Everyone needs a breath of fresh air sometimes.

With our comprehensive and straightforward training programs, participants can jump right in feet first and walk away with the skills and confidence necessary to give them a fresh perspective.


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What A Simple And Brilliant Idea!™

Consider these questions:
• Are your organization staff generally satisfied with the status quo and do not seek change?
• Do staff leave it to management to think up new ideas and directions for the organisation?
• Do you think “out of the box” thinking is good on paper, but difficult to practice?
• Are old ideas and solutions often being used to solve new issues and challenges?
• Do you agree that creativity and innovation are important for success today,
   but are unsure of how to create such a culture in the organization?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above,
a serious rethink is needed in your organization today.

The pace of change today is accelerating at a tremendous speed, and keeping up with this pace is now a critical imperative for every organisation. New developments are happening in almost every field and this creates either new opportunities or new threats to your organisation. How your organization responds to these developments will determine its survival in the future.

Responding to these changes will require a new set of skills: the ability to SEE, THINK and CREATE new possibilities. In a nutshell, what is needed today are creative thinking skills. This is the foundation for innovation: changes that bring new value.

The good news is that creative thinking is not a talent you are born with, but a skill that can be taught. So start harnessing the creative potential of ALL your staff today!

Introducing “WASABI: What A Simple And Brilliant Idea!™” workshop.

This dynamic and practical workshop imparts creative thinking skills and shows how breakthrough ideas can be created to solve challenging organisational issues or create new and profitable potential.


WASABI™ tears away the fear of creative thinking and shows how it can be done by anyone. The workshop is hands-on and participants are immersed from the moment they step into the workshop.

Participants will gain the following:
1. Demolishing self-limiting beliefs about creativity
2. Understanding and accepting the importance of creative thinking today
3. Unlocking their creative potential to start generating new ideas
4. Learning creative thinking techniques that can be applied for problem-solving and service enhancements
5. Learning how to see things in new perspective

The organisation stands to benefit by:
1. Creating an organisation of creative staff that is constantly challenging assumptions
2. Creating an organisational culture of creativity and innovation
3. Having multitude of new ideas and solutions that can propel it forward - and stay forward
4. Raising standards and quality to world-class levels
5. Gaining an edge over its competition through its embrace of constant innovation

Why be creative in the first place?
Simply because you need fresh, new ideas. There are hundreds of reasons why an organisation needs new ideas, some of which include:

1. Solving challenging problems with new solutions
2. Brainstorming for multitude ideas and solutions in a shorter time
3. Seeing opportunities and possibilities in every situation
4. WOW-ing customers by adding value to products and services
5. Retaining staff by generating new rewards incentives
6. Gaining market share through breakthrough innovations

There are plenty more, but I guess you see the picture. Whether it is sales, staff development, R & D, new products and services, etc. it is about advancing and winning in every field!

Who is the workshop for?
The simple answer is: practically everyone! Creativity is not the domain of only the few or the geniuses. It is inherent within every individual. All you need is a push in the right direction with the right set of tools and techniques to unleash your creative potential. This is where WASABI™ workshop comes in, providing you the required set of skills that can be utilised immediately. And after that, it only takes practice to get better and better.




New Approach, Fresh Perspective

MWS offers you over 70 titles organized in 7 learning tracks. Each of the MWS Learning Track consists of 12 standalone titles.

These workshops are designed to be delivered in efficient 4 hour training interventions for your workforce. The learning framework is crafted with the whole workforce in mind, leveraging your managers, talents and leaders in your organization.

Training has always be viewed as intervention by HR and OD dept; but in reality we need to empower our managers to take an even more pro-active role in growing and nurturing the workforce. In turn, managers become more conscious to walk their talk especially when they are the ones training and developing their own people. The team motivation for each other to step up and perform at their optimum level becomes a culture within your organization.

Choose from our wide range of courses:



Optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

At the end of the workday, you uncurl yourself from your seat in front of your computer screen and you find your shoulder and back hurts, and there is a nagging pain in your hands. This could be the result of poor ergonomics and the way you work. Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker. When there is a mismatch between the physical requirements of the job and the physical capacity of the worker, Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) can result. Some common conditions are backaches, stiff necks and shoulders and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can even lead to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Ergonomics is a way to solve a host of physical problems brought about by over-exertion or the repetitive action.

Putting it in another way, given a choice, would you not want to do your work in a more efficient manner with less pain to your body?

Take a look at the way you and your staff carry out jobs or tasks and implement an ergonomically viable solution. Helping your employees relieve their pains makes them happier employees, leading to a more productive environment!


Effective Intergration of Older Employees

Managing effectively in our changing labour landscape.

The labor landscape is changing rapidly as people are living longer and healthier; they are also working beyond the traditional retirement age. At the same time, our birth rate is declining resulting in a shrinking workforce. Employing older employees will go a long way to help alleviate the labor shortage. We are at a unique crossroads where talented, experienced and matured employees are available to re-join the workforce as younger ones are getting fewer. However, the challenge is to integrate them effectively into the workforce.

Our approach is to empower the management with practical ways and examples of how to overcome challenges by recognizing their limitations, by suggesting various ways of making life easier for them to work efficiently, showing the advantages & knock-on effects of making their work life easier and measuring the increase in job satisfaction & productivity, lowering of HR costs through KPIs. We use relevant case studies to showcase how others have successfully implemented such programs."





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